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Details about our Services
Recruiting On-Demand/ Interim Recruiter  - This model is typically used when you are looking to supplement your in-house recruiting function/efforts. ReqOverflow recruiters and sourcing specialists work on an hourly basis either part-time or full-time hours. We are here to support your current team with an expert Recruiter and/or Sourcing Specialist at your fingertips whenever you need us.  We flex with your hiring needs so you can turn our services on or off as your hiring needs adjust.   It's like “renting” a recruiter to compliment your company’s in-house talent acquisition function. 


The Recruiting On-Demand process can be used for the following services.​
  • Sourcing – Researching and reaching out to passive candidates. Increase your flow of interested and available candidates with expert sourcing and engagement.

  • Job Description Creation/Posting & Profile Review - We can help gather job requirements, outline qualifications, and write the job description(s) as well as review incoming candidates. 

  • Full Cycle Recruiting – From Sourcing to Hire/On-boarding

What are the benefits to your organization?
  • Staff up as needed. You can add one or multiple recruiters/sourcing specialists for more traction on high-level needs and increase the pipeline immediately.

  • Turn on and off as needed. When you have a handle on hiring needs you can turn us off completely or scale back on hours as needed to save on cost while continuing to build a pipeline for future hiring needs.

  • Fill in the gaps. Hiring demands are high and you need an extra recruiter/ sourcing specialist temporarily. Pick up the phone and give us a call. We can start at a moment's notice so no recruiting traction is lost.

  • Access to an Interim Recruiter when needed.

Contingency Recruiting  - This model is used when you need to supplement your in-house recruiting efforts but do not need 1:1 recruiting support. 
  • Dedicated US Account Manager

  • A Network of over 10,000+ Sr Recruiters/Sr. Sourcing Specialists will pre-qualifying candidates for your job(s) and send them to you for approval with their interview notes for your review.

  • ReqOverflow can help you with jobs all across the country.  We cover Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

  • Job Description Review & Write up Support if needed

What are the benefits to your organization?​
  • Every candidate has been spoken to and pre-qualified before being submitted to you

  • On average, you choose the contingency pricing that best fits your needs.

  • Shorter time to fill - With thousands of recruiters all around the world working on your open job what are your odds of finding the most qualified candidate quickly?

  • Every client has a dedicated Account Manager to manage their post and make sure they are receiving the best service.

  • Attract top talent by utilizing our vast network of recruiters all around the world who are ready to start searching for your perfect candidate.

  • Have thousands of recruiters at your fingertips immediately working your open jobs once posted.

Recruiting Workflow Improvements - This model is best used when you need to streamline your current recruiting efforts by further developing or building out new recruiting processes and functions.  
What are the benefits to your organization?
  • Review your current process (Staff, sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, offer, and onboarding)

  • Recommend process improvements (including staff and tools if needed)

  • Assist with implementation of new processes and hiring of new staff if needed


"We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction"

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