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About ReqOverflow

Why choose our services

ReqOverflow is a recruiting company that provides recruiting solutions for small start-ups to large Fortune 500 companies based across the US. When the Traditional Recruiting models don't fit your hiring needs or budget we've got the solution to your problem.  Not every client needs a full cycle recruiting solution to accommodate/supplement their hiring needs.

If you do, you no longer have to pay the high fees (18% - 35%) associated with the traditional model.  Our service offerings cater to your specific needs so you can choose what works best for your hiring needs at a cost that is much less.


Our process

Our process is simple.  We look where you don't.  We are speaking with candidates every day.  Our job is to develop the relationships that you don't have time to do.

When it comes to finding our clients the right type of candidate we find our candidates through X-Ray Searches, Hosting Events, Utilizing our own personal networks, Sourcing tools & Reaching out to Local Resources, job postings, & we utilize market data and trends.


We listen to and understand the needs of our clients so when we find the right candidate we can say without hesitation "We Guarantee 100% satisfaction"



Our obligation

Our ethics are the foundation of our reputation. While maintaining transparency with clients by sharing research and candidate information, and confidentiality, we adhere to all US local laws and regulations.


We believe in 100% client and candidate satisfaction and we stand behind it.  If you are not satisfied let's talk, we would never want our client to be unhappy with our candidate or our candidate to be unhappy with our client.

Communication is key.  We don’t just say it we live by it.  Constant communication is how a partnership works.


Honesty is the best policy.  We pride ourselves on being upfront and honest even if what we have to say isn’t easy.

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